Virtual Polish Education Fairs in More Than 50 Countries!

Virtual Polish Education Fairs in More Than 50 Countries!

Have you ever thought about getting your higher education/making research in Europe? Did you know that the Polish higher education system is one of the highest-ranked in Europe?

We are extremely delighted to announce that from this month we are starting the set of digital fairs in more than 50 countries around the globe. A myriad of high-qualified Polish universities will share their offers and scholarship opportunities.

Did you know that Poland offers almost 800 courses taught in English ranging from medicine and business management to engineering & IT, from life sciences to social studies and arts?

This time you will be able to visit the fair directly from your home. Yes, not getting up from your bed!


All the fairs are going to be organized from 16:00 till 20:00 local time of the country where the event is held.

During the online fair you will be able to directly communicate with the recruiters and ask them your questions, find out information on scholarships and fees, analyze which Polish university and discipline could suit you best, and make interesting connections while meeting new people.

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