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Would you like to design robots and automate production lines, are you interested in building cars, building weapons and ammunition, laser technology, or maybe you would like to construct and manufacture innovative and designer industrial products? If you answered yes to all the questions, this department is for you! We present another proposal for those who have not yet decided on which career path to choose.


Ice skating

On January 18, 2023, thanks to Erasmus+ funds and the engagement of the International Office employees, our foreign 1st year (Erasmus+ exchange and international) students had an opportunity to go ice skating. Most of them tried that kind of activity for the first time and the results were astonishing for some of them. It came […]

Skates time

On 18.01.2023 the International Relations Office is going to organize an event for first-year international and Erasmus+ students. As it is winter time, our students will have the opportunity to try one of the winter sports, which is ice skating. We hope that all of the participants will enjoy this time and spend a lovely […]

Seasonal Meeting at KUT

It is already a tradition that in December our first-year foreign (regular and Erasmus+) students are acquainted with Christmas customs in Poland. This year, the Seasonal Meeting took place on 7th December. The Christmas meeting was arranged by the Department of International Cooperation and attended by the Kielce University of Technology’s authorities – the Rector […]

Festival of Science

Conferment of the scientific degrees of doctor and doctor of science is the result of hard and long-time laboratory and research work. The diploma is much-anticipated by each scientist as the award for their effort. However, the number of academic staff members who are the holders of the degrees is also evidence of the scientific […]

International cooperation

From 17 October to 23 October 2022, the Kielce University of Technology is hosting a delegation of scientists from the Thuy Loi University in Hanoi, Vietnam. Among the visitors, there is the Rector of the University, Prof. Trinh Minh Thu. During the visit, the Vietnamese scientists are going to conduct seminars for 1st and 2nd-degree students [...]

International Students Welcome Day

Traditionally, at the beginning of the new academic year, the Kielce University of Technology welcomes foreign students on INTERNATIONAL STUDENT WELCOME DAY. Currently, over two hundred students from abroad study at our University. It constitutes 4,5% of all KUT students. Over 70 international students study on the regular basis at the courses offered in English: […]

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