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It is difficult to imagine life without a mobile phone, laptop or the Internet. We are happy to use the benefits of technology, because they make life easier. They are the work of people who have combined knowledge with technological vision. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics and Computer Science of the Kielce University of Technology invites you to acquire such knowledge. Therefore, if you are convinced that you will find yourself in the world of new technologies, and your strength is science, this is definitely the Faculty for you! It offers four fields of study: electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, energy and information technology.


2022 University Rover Challange

The team from Kielce University of Technology – the Impuls team once again among the world’s leaders! Our students reached the 5th position in the University Rover Challange in the USA, which was really close to come up to the victory stand. A team from the University of Michigan (the USA) – the Michigan Mars […]

Our International Students Exploring Polish History

The Royal Castle in Chęciny has already been visited by many foreign guests, among them, those maybe not very welcome, conquerors from Sweden many centuries ago. 😉 This time, on 27.05.2022, foreign students of the Kielce University of Technology decided to conquer the castle peacefully. It was the international group of students from India, Malaysia, […]

The university is attracting candidates’ attention

Electric cars, a rollover simulator and Mars rovers – these are only a few attractions offered for the high school students during the Open Day at the Kielce University of Technology on 19 May, 2022The event is a good opportunity to get to know one of the best technical universities in Poland from within. Candidates […]

The best diploma theses awarded

The results of the competition for the best diploma theses have been announced. Seventy-one theses within fourteen scientific fields, ranging from computer science to architecture and transport, were submitted and fifteen of them were awarded. “Such competitions are necessary as it makes the contacts between young people and entrepreneurs much easier” – said prof. Zbigniew […]

International success of the Students Inventors

The laureates of the 12th edition of the National Student-Inventor Competition organized by the Kielce University of Technology have won five medals during the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva Inventions 2022, which was held on March 16-20, 2022. Geneva Inventions is one of the largest and most prestigious inventions exhibitions in the world. The international […]

Scientific Aspects of Armament & Safety Technology

14th INTERNATIONAL ARMAMENT CONFERENCE on „Scientific Aspects of Armament & Safety Technology” is going to take place 19-22 September 2022 r., Ryn, Poland Organisers: Armament and Aerospace, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland Military Institute of Armament Technology, Zielonka, Poland Co-organisers: Polish Naval Academy (Chair of Ship Armament, Faculty of Navigation and Ship Armament), Gdynia, […]

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