The Kielce University of Technology considers itself an heir and continuator of universal academic values. The traditions of the University draw on higher education institutions in the Kielce region, including the Mining Academy which was the first technical higher school in Poland founded by S. Staszic, the Clandestine University of Western Territories and Kielce-Radom Evening Higher Engineering School.

As an academic community we have fostered and cherished traditional values such as search for truth and holding it in esteem, freedom of ideas, freedom of research and teaching, moral standards, patriotism, humanism and the respect for the national heritage. Guided by universal human, civic and academic principles, we work towards developing minds and characters of young people. We intend to share our knowledge, skills and the code of conduct.

The major goal of the University is to pursue education, learning, and research at the highest levels of excellence. It is achieved by constant professional development of the staff, close inter-relationship between teaching and research, cooperation with other research centres and partnership with business.

Opened in 1974 and based on traditional engineering fields of study, the University intends to develop as a higher technical school open to tasks extending beyond classical technical sciences.

Through dissemination and application of knowledge, the University makes a significant and creative contribution to the formation of the modern society and encourages the career development of the academic staff.

Research, integrating fundamental and applied sciences, constitutes an essential part of the University work. It affects, to a considerable extent, the standards of teaching and conduces towards technological progress. Moreover, it provides a stimulus for the academic staff development. Investigations, conducted in cooperation with other scientific centres in Poland and abroad, have an important role in economic growth, giving impetus to technological advancements.

The work towards the region’s development, considered one of the major tasks the University feels obliged to perform, shows our commitment to public service ethos. As a centre of instruction, original inquiry and creative expression and knowledgebased resources, the University addresses the needs of the local community. We are strongly engaged in promoting economic and technical development through research, technology transfer and technological innovations. Working on the issues important to the local community, we enter into cooperation with other institutions of higher education in Kielce and the Świętokrzyski region. We intend to work jointly with a view to making the city an academic centre for future generations. Furthermore, we are interested in maintaining and deepening contact with secondary schools of the region.

The Kielce University of Technology works as a community of academic teachers, students, office and technical staff. The feeling of community belonging facilitates building core values and principles. We are, however, also committed to respect interests, views, rights and choices of particular individuals. Those are the students who have a very special place in the University community. The mission imposes special responsibilities on us as regards the integral human development of those members of our community. The University promotes self-governance of its students.

Fulfilling the mission with the active participation of the whole academic community, we collaborate with the authorities of the central and local government, the city and social organisations. 

We express our gratitude and pay respect to all our predecessors and friends, whose determined efforts led to the University foundation and development.