1. All Candidates applying at the Kielce University of Technology are required to provide the following documents:

Eligibility statement

Eligibility statement is a confirmation that the obtained secondary school certificate allows the candidate to take up studies in its country. It can be obtained in the school that issued the diploma or Ministry of Education in the country where the documents were given.

For the process of qualification recognition (a validation of foreign studies and degrees), the candidate is also required to provide an eligibility statement that their certificates and diplomas allow them to study at the university level in the country they were issued.

Please note:

Eligibility statement does not have to be provided by citizens of EU, EEA, OECD, Ukraine, Belarus and China.

Legal basis

Secondary school diploma

A scan of a secondary school-leaving certificate entitling to apply for admission to degree programmes at universities of any type in the country where the document was issued. It is supposed to be uploaded:

Transcript of grades

A scan of a supplement with grades together with a scale of grades confirmed by the school.

It is supposed to be uploaded:

Language confirmation

A scan of an official document confirming knowledge of the language in which the studies will be conducted (Polish or English).

The language confirmation is mandatory to be provided by each Candidate, KUT does not offer online language interviews.

Acceptable language confirmation

Eligible English confirmations:

  • Certificates confirming the knowledge of a foreign language at a minimum B2 level according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:
    • B2 First – Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) – grade A or B, C
    • C1 Advanced – Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – grade A, B or C,
    • C2 Proficiency – Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) – grade A, B or C.
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – minimum score of 72 points
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)– minimum score of 5,5 points
  • Polish maturity exam in English language at advanced level („new maturity diploma”) – result at least 55%
  • A document certifying the language of instruction shall be recognized providing it was exclusively English
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • European Baccalaureate Diploma

 Duolingo and EF SET certificates are not acceptable at KUT


Eligible Polish confirmations: 

  • a secondary school-leaving certificate („świadectwo dojrzałości”) obtained in the Polish education system;
  • a certificate or statement of completing a one-year preparatory course to study in Polish in entities designated by the minister responsible for higher education at the minimum level of B-2;
  • a certificate of knowledge of Polish language issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Knowledge of Polish as a Foreign Language at the minimum level of B-2 as defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (http://certyfikatpolski.pl/system-certyfikacji/panstwowa-komisja/);
  • a certificate or statement confirming knowledge of Polish at the minimum level of B-2 within the meaning of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages issued by a language school or any other educational institution conducting Polish language courses;
  • a higher education diploma (at least a first-cycle degree) from studies held in Polish language or a certificate of graduation with information about professional title obtained together with the university’s annotation of the lecture language if the diploma has not yet been released to the candidate.

Application letter

A scan of signed Application Letter.
Document is available in the irk system. 


A scan of a passport page with a photo and personal data.

Questionnaire for foreigners

A scan of signed questionnaire for foreigners, stating which course Candidate is applying. Before uploading, it should be verified if the personal data, such as name, address and previous education are correct.

Document is available in the irk system. 

Candidate's statement

A scan of signed declaration regarding financial arrears and the completed field of study.
Document is available in the irk system.

2. After visa appointment and before arrival:

Secondary school diploma

All Candidates have to legalize or obtain apostille the required documents before or while applying for a student visa.

After the visa appointment, each Candidate is required to send scan of visa and attach legalization of secondary school diploma in the irk system. 

Health insurance

Upon arrival, it is obligatory for all the candidates to have a health insurance valid in Poland for the time of studying. Usually, candidates buy health insurance in their home country to cover the travel and first few months of stay in Poland. Afterward, it is possible to buy health insurance in Poland – a student should be insured at all times while studying in Poland.

3. After arrival:

Final verification of the documents

The first step after arrival at KUT: Candidates are required to visit the International Office with hard copies of all of the documents uploaded during registration, so they will be verified.

Recognition of the diploma

Secondary certificate/diploma and eligibility statement must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator after arrival to Poland. With translated documents, Students are obligated to visit the the Świętokrzyski Education Intendent, to complete the recognition process.
The procedure must be finished by the end of the 1st semester.

Health insurance

After arrival, student can buy a policy offered by a private company or get the public health insurance from NFZ (more details here).