Trip to Święty Krzyż

Trip to Święty Krzyż

International students from the Kielce University of Technology, who have been with us for more than a year, know very well that it is worth participating in the integration meetings organized by the Department of Staff Development and International Cooperation. These events are always full of unusual activities, and knowledge about Polish culture and history, and they remain in memory thanks to the great atmosphere.

On 23.05.2024, Erasmus+ students and first-year foreign students visited sites related to the birth of the sacred region, such as the Holy Cross and Gołoborze as well as the Museum of Ancient Metallurgy in Nowa Słupia.

The monastery surprised visitors with elements of Polish history, not only concerning Christianity and the distant Middle Ages but also the 20th century, when this place also served as a prison. Students also visited mission-related rooms, where some of them found elements close to their own culture and traditions. The viewpoint of Gołoborze delighted visitors and the legend about the genesis of this place amused the listeners and brought the tradition of the region closer.

In the museum students, thanks to a 3D film and an interesting multimedia exhibition, could learn about the geological genesis of these lands and the history of the birth of metallurgy in the Świętokrzyskie region. It was a real back in time, journey because from the extremely modern halls of the museum, the participants moved to the „Iron and Fire” workshops, where learned the technology of iron smelting, and, they had to work together to start a fire with old tools, which was quite a challenge and required a lot of strength and sacrifice.  Participants had another chance to try their strengths and stamina, when they tried themselves at throwing an axe and a spear at the target. The technique of throwing was at a very diverse level, but one with the representatives of the university authorities proved to be very effective in this competition.

That kind of events are always an amazing opportunity to integrate students with representatives of the authorities and university staff. During this year’s trip, KUT was represented by the Vice Rector for Science and Development – prof. Włodzimierz Makieła, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Education – prof. Artur Maciąg, Dean of WMiBM – prof. Jakub Takosoglu, Vice Dean of WIŚGIE – Agnieszka Cienciała, PhD. At the trip there were also Erasmus+ faculty coordinations present: Dorota Wiraszka, PhD (WEAiI) and Szymon Tofil, PhD (WMiBM).

Although the word „Świętokrzyska” is still a challenge for many students, we believe that after this  trip they will pronounce them with an awareness of the history behind it.

Department of Staff Development and International Cooperation would like to warmly welcome all participants for their attendance at the trip, we hope that after being aquatinted with the history you will not forget it for a long time 😊