Research near the city centre!

Cutting edge of innovations

Kielce University of Technology is one of the most popular and successful universities in our region. It is a modern school with many teaching and research facilities, excellent tutors and comfortable dormitories which are located within the University premises close to the city centre.

The central part of Region!

Spend your time actively

The Kielce is a very picturesque city situated in the central part of the Świętokrzyskie Region (Holy Cross Region), which is  full of historical treasures, interesting natural sites and offers lots of possibilities to spend your time actively.

Studying it’s not only lectures!

On foot or by bike

At our university you will not miss opportunities for social meetings full of polish culture. You can spend free time in clubs or do various sorts of sport. Best of all, Kielce is the perfect size, offering all the excitement packed into an area you can easily explore on foot or by bike.

Modern University
oriented to the future

1st Technical University in our Region

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#2 at European Rover Challenge 2016

Our team won a second place at European Rover Challenge 2016.

#3 most important things about

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Erasmus+ student


I think that I will never regret to have chosen Kielce for my studies.




 I have taken a good decision when I had chosen the KUT.


Erasmus+ student


If I could go back in the past, I’d choise Politechnika again!