Students and graduates of Computer Science

It gives me great pleasure to associate myself with Kielce University of Technology.

It is difficult to put my experience in few lines but I think the thing I enjoy the most during studying at Kielce University of Technology are the laboratories.

They are super advanced. The classes are not only theoretical but practical as well.

Last but not least, the professors and administration are very kind and helpful.

I chose the Kielce University of Technology because of the rigorous curriculum and good facilities available here. It also helps that the University follows the ECTS system, which means the credits can be easily transferred for future studies.
After arriving here, I can also confirm that there is a growing international presence in Kielce.

If you have an opportunity, I’d recommend studying at KUT!

Hello, I am Mustafa Efe Emeksiz. I came to Kielce University of Technology from Türkiye. I graduated from the computer science field. I completed my education with the university’s good laboratory facilities and the careful attention of our professors. The thing I like most about the university is that the campus and dormitories are all together, so I don’t have to wake up at 5 am for 8 am classes. The city is not very big, but due to its central location, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful and large cities of Poland when I had time from classes. Overall, it was a great experience that fulfilled all the expectations that the university offered and that I expected. In the future, I’m planning to find a job where I can utilize the things I have learned here.

Students and graduates of Mechanical Engineering

I have chosen Kielce University of Technology because one of my friends recommended it to me.
Also, Poland is a country where I can do my B.Sc with a low tuition fee. Our laboratory classrooms are of international standard, lab teachers are highly experienced. The Kielce University of Technology has a lot of partner universities all over the world. That’s why all international students of KUT have a great opportunity to do student exchange.

All in all, it is a great experience for me!