International students investigate Polish history

International students investigate Polish history

On April 19, 2023, our International regular and Erasmus+ students took part in a trip to the Knight’s Sobków Castle. This time they came from Algeria, Guinea Bissau, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Romania, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine to see for themselves the old times of Poland.

There were also the representatives of the University and Faculties Authorities present. As well as the representatives of the Department of Promotion and Communication of KUT and the organizers of the event – the Department of International Cooperation.

Once again, the Knight’s Castle made an incredible impression on our students with a well-detailed demonstration of old-fashioned outfits, armor, and weapons. Participants of the meeting had a chance to try them on and even just for one minute feel like the Polish nobility and knights.

All of the event members were according to tradition officially welcomed, and after the cannon shot they were invited for a typical Polish dinner. Afterward, the hosts stole the show with a staging of a Polish ballad. During this event, foreign students could also try their skills in knights’ luncheons and other diverse competitions.

While asking for feedback, all of the students mentioned that it was an extraordinary experience, as the hosts put a lot of effort to prepare and tie everything up in a bow.

We hope this integration meeting was a good opportunity for all participants to explore Polish history even better and deeper.