Welcome Day 2023 – city tour

Welcome Day 2023 – city tour

The first Welcome Day in the new academic year 2023/24 was a combination of welcoming words, a presentation held by the University’s staff regarding Poland, and the region of Kielce with an opportunity to try a typical Polish cuisine.

On the second day, once students were aware of the basic University’s rules, it was time for the presentation of the region in practice.

This is why, on October 6, 2023, the group of international students – freshmen regular students and Erasmus+ exchange students, took part in the city-guided tour.

The aim of this event was to be familiar with the most important historical places and monuments saved in Poland’s history and see them by themselves.

Although Kielce is not a big city, its history is rich and turbulent, so it is worthy for each inhabitant to know it, even if it is just a seed.