Integration event at Sobków

On the 27th of October Erasmus incoming students from the Kielce University of Technology and their mentors and coordinators had an exclusive opportunity to admire attractions of the Knight’s Castle Sobków. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the university: prof. Tomasz Kozłowski the Vice-Rector for Staff Development and International Cooperation, prof. Artur Maciąg the Vice-Rector for Education and Students.

All guests were welcomed by an old polish procession, an official welcoming letter was handed over to Professor Tomasz Kozlowski. In honor of the arrived guests a special salvo of cannon was fired off.  The owner of the castle showed the group from the Kielce University of Technology around the castle’s interior, the chambers and the knight halls. The foreign students felt a shiver of fear when they heard a story about the spirit of the former owner who has haunted the castle and takes revenge on those who do not respect him.

After the lunch, students benefited from many attractions i.e. a show of birds of prey, which caused consternation among some of the students, while amusement and fascination among others. As the castle has rich chivalrous traditions, selected students could demonstrate strength and dexterity in a contest of holding a sword. Students also had an opportunity to benefit from a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and to be photographed dressed  in medieval costumes in the beautiful historic surroundings.  The meeting ended up with singing by the accompaniment of a guitar with the master  Mr. Vice Rector Tomasz Kozlowski. A commemorative photo was taken on the steps of the castle ruins. Foreign students were delighted with the attractions they were presented with as well as the landscapes of the Polish countryside. After such an interesting event it was difficult to leave.