Seasonal Meeting 2024

Seasonal Meeting 2024

On December 7, 2023 the annual event called Seasonal Meeting took place at KUT. Our freshmen and Erasmus+ students had an opportunity to be familiar with Polish traditions of celebrating Christmas.

The event was arranged by the Department of International Cooperation and attended by the Kielce University of Technology’s authorities – the Rector Prof. Zbigniew Koruba, the Vice Rectors, Prof. Izabela Krzysztofik, Prof. Artur Maciąg, Prof. Włodzimierz Makieła and the Deans, Prof. Grzegorz Świt, Prof. Jakub Takosoglu, Prof. Dariusz Bojczuk, Prof. Roman Deniziak and the Vice Dean Barbara Łukawska Ph.D and Agnieszka Cienciała Ph.D. Among others, there were also the faculty Erasmus+ coordinators and a band from the state music school.

It all started with a speech of the Rector, Prof. Zbigniew Koruba, who warmly welcomed our participants and the event begun with the video playing Polish customs and traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year. To make the event more international, our students also took part in with their presentations of celebrating holidays in Italy, Togo, USA, and Ethiopia.

We can confidently say that it was one of the most breathtaking events at the University, thanks to the stunning concert of Carols performed by the students of the state music school.

Obviously, there is no Christmas without Santa Claus, so the special guest also appeared. Nevertheless, as the presents are granted only to good children, they had to prove that they deserved and could be gifted. Students had to take part in the Christmas competition and some of them demonstrated exceptional performance, afterword Santa Claus presented all of the students with unexpected gifts, much to their delight. 🎅

At the end of the meeting, international students could experience the taste of traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishes. When asked for feedback, our students said that they loved the meeting and found it amazing to understand Polish culture.

That kind of events are needed each year, as we host more and more foreign students whom traditions and customs are usually far different than ours.

We would like to thank to all of participants, especially to the students of the music school and KUT students engaged in the presentation.

The Department of International Cooperation sends best wishes too all of you! 🎄