The region of Kielce, the northern part of Little Poland, is situated between the rivers Vistula and Pilica. Because of the landform features, it can be divided into the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, which are the culmination of the Kielce-Sandomierz Upland, in the north, and the southern part – the Nida Basin.

Kielce, the biggest town in the northern Little Poland, is the capital of the Świętokrzyskie Province. Its characteristic feature is the substantial difference of ground levels – from 260 to 400 m asl. Within the boundaries of Kielce, there is a greater variety of geological formations than in any other European city. There are five nature reserves in Kielce: Ślichowice, Kadzielnia, Wietrznia, Biesak (inanimate nature) and Karczówka (a landscape reserve). Near the northern border of Kielce is a semi-reserve Sufraganiec.

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