Cybersecurity specialists

Cybersecurity specialists

Kielce University of Technology will educate specialists in the field of cybersecurity. Our University and IBM Polska entered into the cooperation agreement which resulted in offering students the possibility to take cybersecurity as the specialisation during their studies. Soon, the University will offer cybersecurity as the study course. For the beginning, students and academic teachers will get the free access to educational materials and certified training recognized around the world and offered by the IBM company. Experts from IBM will join the expert groups to modify appropriately the curricula and will also become part of the teaching staff at our University.

According to the terms of the concluded agreement, Kielce University of Technology will officially join the IBM Skills Academy program, already implemented and promoted by the technological giant.

Kielce University of Technology together with IBM will work on the modification of the curricula and the development of students professional skills. According to the agreement, the cooperation will focus primarily on the areas of cybersecurity, but also artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud applications, blockchain and quantum computers.

IBM will support our teaching staff in developing the students professional skills so much needed on the job market and improving curricula mainly by providing selected software, training programs and other resources of the IBM Academic Initiative. The University teaching staff and students will have the opportunity to explore IBM educational resources and learn about quantum or blockchain technology.

By organising the workshops for KUT’s teaching staff and students, IBM will significantly contribute to their skills mastering. The cooperation is result of the IBM’s global commitment to improve the professional skills of 30 million people by 2030.