Christmas Event for Erasmus students

How is Christmas celebrated in Greece, Spain, Italy or Lithuania? Getting answer for the question was possible during the Christmas Event, which was held on the 7th of December 2016 and when the Erasmus incoming students staying at Kielce University of Technology held their presentations. The foreign students had also an opportunity to discover Polish traditions that were described by Polish students in a specially prepared for this occasion video. All gathered in a Senate hall had an unexpected guest – the Santa Claus, who asked everyone questions about Kielce University of Technology and the city of Kielce. The answers were correct and brilliant and everyone received special gifts. The Santa Claus had his helpers – employees of the Department of International Cooperation and department coordinators who encouraged everyone to sing carols in different languages. Several Polish carols were presented as well with amazing guitar players Accompaniment of guitars created – a special guest – Mr. Professor Thomas Kozłowski- Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and the Staff Development and Mr. Wojciech Bogucki- employee of the Department of International Cooperation.
Students had an opportunity to meet not only Polish Christmas traditions, but also Polish cuisine. They tried meatless dishes, typical for Polish Christmas table such as kutia, beetroot soup with dumplings and stewed dried. Students from Italy enjoyed the opportunity to try Polish flavors, Eleni from Greece discovered a dish – fish in a Greek style and a Turkish student Hasan delighted dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms.
Students loved the meeting, they took a several number of photos, also with Santa Claus which their friends were able to see almost immediately on Facebook or other social media.