Recruitment starts in 2017

Faculty of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering provides full-time first-cycle programmes in English in the field of Mechanical Engineering

Field of study Programmes Learning outcomes ECTS credits Full-time
Mechanical Engineering first-cycle ME first-cycle full-time first-cycle

Subject descriptions

  • Term I

Linear Algebra

Theory of Machines

Good Academic Manners

Mathematical Analysis

Ergonomics and OHS

3D Modelling

Introduction to Technical English

Fundamentals of Coaching and Self-Presentation


Intellectual Property Protection

Technical Chemistry

Electrical Engineering

  • Term II

Information Technologies


English Language

General Mechanics 1

Introduction to Standardisation

Manufacturing Techniques 1

Metal Science 1

Plastics and Composite Materials

Technical Drawing

  • Term III

Intellectual Property Protection

Physical Education

English Language

Metrology 1

Fundamentals of Computer Science

Materials Strength

General Mechanics 2

Fundamentals of Electronics

Metal Science 2

Manufacturing Techniques 1 – laboratory

  • Term IV

English Language

Fluid Mechanics

Physical Education 2

Fundamentals of Machine Design

Manufacturing Techniques 2

Computer Design Record

Fundamentals of Electronics – laboratory

Metrology 2

Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Machine Design Technology

Fundamentals of Automatic Control

  • Term V

English Language

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drive and Control Systems

Computer-Aided Technological Processes

Fundamentals of Machine Design


AE&IT_Internal Ballistics

CAD_CAE_Finite Element Method

CAL&PT_Industrial Laser Technologies

CAM_Plastic Forming

E&L_Wear in Machine Exploitation

H&PS_Fluid Devices in Technological Machines

MME&W_Welding Technology

RV&T_Construction of Road Vehicles and Tractors 1

AE&IT_Technology of Ammunition and Detonators

CAD_CAE_Industrial Robots Programming

CAL&PT_Industrial Plasma Technologies

CAM_Machnining Processes

E&L_Machine Diagnostics

H&PS_Fluid Systems in the Means of Transport

MME&W_Optical and Electron Microscopy

RV&T_Vehicle Dynamics

AE&IT_Measurements in Armament Production

CAL&PT_Fundamentals of Laser Systesm Construction

CAM_Fundamentals of Designing Plastic Forming Processes

E&L_Surface Engineering

H&PS_Fluid Systems in Production Automation

MME&W_Fine Machining

RV&T_Automotive Combustion Engines

AE&IT_Construction of Ammunition and Detonatros

CAM_Specialised Machine Tools

H&PS_Fluid Drives Exploitation

  • Term VI

Fundamentals of Machine Design

AE&IT_Thermodynamics of High-Energy Materials

CAL&PT_Fundamentals of Designing Laser and Plasma Systems

MME&W_Non-Ferrous Alloys


Interim Paper

Machine Regeneration and Repair Technologies

AE&IT_Simulation Tests of Weapons and Ammunition

CAD_CAE_Finite Element Method 2

CAL&PT_Industrial Laser Technologies

CAM_Production Metrology

E&L_Systems Engineering

H&PS_Computer-Aided Design of Fluid Systems

MME&W_Surface Layer Engineering

RV&T_Road Vehicles and Tractors Design

AE&IT_Fundamentals of Weapons Construction

CAD_CAE_Web Programming

CAL&PT_Introduction to Programming Laser and Plasma Processing Systems

CAM_Numerically Controlled Machine Tools

E&L_Designing Modern Coatings in Maintenance Systems

H&PS_Programmable Logic Controllers in Controlling Fluid Systems

MME&W_Welded Constructions

RV&T_Automotive Combustion Engines 2

AE&IT_Construction and Control of Precision-Guided Weapons

CAD_CAE_Computer-Aided Design

CAL&PT_Laser Microprocessing

CAM_Advanced Technologies

E&L_Fundamentals of Logistics

H&PS_Fluid Drive Control Systems

MME&W_Construction Steels

RV&T_Road Vehicles Exploitation

AE&IT_Fundamentals of Mechatronic Systems in Armament Engineering

CAD_CAE_Programmable Logic Controllers and Industrial Networks

CAL&PT_Physical Fundamentals of Laser and Plasma Technologies

CAM_Technological Machines for Plastic Forming

H&PS_Diagnostics of Fluid Drives

MME&W_Iron Alloys

AE&IT_Exterior Ballistics

CAD_CAE_UNIX and Computer Networks

CAL&PT_Designing Laser and Plasma Processing

CAM_Computer-Aided Design of Plastic Forming Processes

MME&W_Welding Machinery and Equipment

  • Term VII

Quality Engineering

Establishing Start-ups

Fundamentals of Management and Organisation


History of Music

Study of Musical Instruments

Good Academic Manners

Fundamentals of Mechatronics

Environmental Management and Ecology

Laser Technologies

Diploma Thesis

Diploma Seminar