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Field of study Programmes Field of study learning outcomes ECTS credits Full-time
Management and Production Engineering First-cycle


First-cycle studies

Second-cycle studies

First-cycle studies programme

Second-cycle studies programme

Subjects description

1st degree

I semester
ZPI-1 English 1
ZPI-2 Revision Course in Mathematics
ZPI-3 Linear Algebra
ZPI-4 Calculus 1
ZPI-5 Statistics
ZPI-6 Physics
ZPI-7 Microeconomics
ZPI-8 Fundamentals of Law
ZPI-9 Information Technologies
ZPI-10 Occupational Health and Safety
ZPI-11 Introduction to Intellectual Property Protection
ZPI-12 Academic good manners

II semester

ZIPII-1 English 2
ZPII-2 Calculus 2
ZPII-3 Financial Mathematics
ZPII-4 Physics
ZPII-5 Macroeconomics
ZPII-6 Economic Law
ZPII-7 Materials science
ZPII-8 Engineering Graphics
ZPII-9 Fundamentals of Computer Science
ZPII-10 History of Mathematics
ZPII-10 History of Music

Semester III

ZPIII-1 English 3
ZPIII-2 Differential Equations
ZPIII-3 Discrete Mathematics
ZPIII-3 Logic
ZPIII-4 Mechanics for Engineers
ZPIII-5 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
ZPIII-6 Plastics and Composites
ZPIII-7 Production Processes
ZPIII-8 Manufacturing Techniques 1
ZPIII-9 Manufacturing Techniques 2
ZPIII-10 Accounting
ZPIII-11 Physical Education
ZPIII-12 Informatics – Android Programming
ZPIII-12 Informatisc – Visual Basic Programming
ZPIII-13 History of Economic Thought
ZPIII-13 History of Technology

Semester IV
ZPIV-1 English 4
ZPIV-2 Mechanics
ZPIV-3 Materials Strength
ZPIV-4 Computerized Accounting
ZPIV-5 Metrology
ZPIV-6 Ecology and Environmental Management
ZPIV-7 Finance
ZPIV-8 Fundamentals of Management
ZPIV-9 Databases
ZPIV-10 Intellectual Property Protection
ZPIV-11 Physical Education
ZPIV-12 Business Ethics
ZPIV-12 Negotiations

Semester V

ZPV-1 Specialist English 1
ZPV-2 Materials Strength – Laboratory
ZPV-3 Quality Management
ZPV-4 Fundamentals of Recycling
ZPV-5 Engineering Design
ZPV-6 Fundamentals of Marketing
ZPV-7 Production Management
ZPV-8 Programming Languages – C++
ZPV-8 Programming Languages – Delphi
ZPV-9 Innovations in Technology
ZPV-9 Technology Transfer

Semester VI

ZPVI-1 Specialist English II
ZPVI-2 Computer-Aided Engineering
ZPVI-3 Fundamentals of Electrical Measuring
ZPVI-4 Fundamentals of Automation
ZPVI-5 Laboratory in Fundamentals of Automation
ZPVI-6 Logistics
ZPVI-7 Service Management
ZPVI-8 Costs Accounting for Engineers
ZPVI-10 Elective courses
ZPVI-11 Academic good manners

Semester VII

Professional traineeship
ZPVII-1 Elective courses
ZPVII-2 Elective courses
ZPVII-3 Seminar and Diploma Thesis

Specialization: Production and Innovation Management

ZP1_PIM_1 Modelling in Production Engineering
ZP1_PIM_2 Technological Documentation
ZP1_PIM_3 New Products Prototyping
ZP1_PIM_4 Product Development in an Enterprise
ZP1_PIM_5 Some Aspects of Materials Strength
ZP1_PIM_6 Technological Entrepreneurship
ZP1_PIM_7 Computer-Aided Production Management
ZP1_PIM_8 Pro-ecological Engineering

Specialization: Business Management

ZP1_BM_1 Enterprise Finance Management
ZP1_BM_2 Modelling in Production Engineering
ZP1_BM_3 Product Development in an Enterprise
ZP1_BM_4 Human Capital Management
ZP1_BM_5 Technological Entrepreneurship
ZP1_BM_6 Investment Projects Appraisal
ZP1_BM_7 The Firm in the Competitive Market
ZP1_BM_8 Evaluation of Investment Undertakings
ZP1_BM_9 Marketing Management and Market Research

2nd degree

I semester
ZP2_sI_1 Strategic Management
ZP2_sI_3 Integrated Management Systems
ZP2_sI_4 Manufacturing Management Information Systems
ZP2_sI_5 Econometrics and Forecasting
ZP2_sI_6 Elements of Engineering Design
ZP2_sI_7 Integrated Manufacturing Systems
ZP2_sI_8 Laser and Plasma Technologies
ZP2_sI_8 Robot Application
ZP2_sI_9 Maintenance of Production Machines
ZP2_sI_10 Project Management
ZP2_sI_11 Applied Mathematics
ZP2_sI_11 Managerial economics
II semester
ZP2_sII_1 Innovation Management
ZP2_sII_2 Management of Organization Development
ZP2_sII_4 Decision support and Knowledge Management Systems
ZP2_sII_5 Engineering Physics
ZP2_sII_6 Optimization Problems
ZP2_sII_7 Interim paper of technical issuses

ZP2_sII_8 Management of Intellectual Property
ZP2_sII_9 Research Methodology

Semester III
ZP2_sIII_1 Elective courses
ZP2_sIII_2 Elective courses
ZP2_sIII_3 The Specialist English

ZP2_sIII_4 Elective courses

ZP2_sIII_5 Seminar and Diploma Thesis

Specialization: Management Engineering
ZP2_IZ_1 Quality Engineering
ZP2_IZ_2 Flow Machines in Industry
ZP2_IZ_3 Manufacturing Systems with PLC Controllers
ZP2_IZ_4 Computer Visualization in Engineering Design
ZP2_IZ_5 Elective courses
ZP2_IZ_6 Commercialization of New Products
ZP2_IZ_7 Elements of Industrial Design
ZP2_IZ_8 Operational Controlling

Specialization: Supply Chain Management
ZP2_SCM_4 Computer Visualization in Engineering Design
ZP2_SCM_7 Commercialization of New Products