Eramus+ Charter

Kielce University of Technology cooperates with many academic institutions in Europe and beyond its borders. The university participates in many international educational programs, both as a leader and partner. Thereby the university makes any efforts to continue the improvement of academic mobility. In order to get foreign partners, the university relies on existing contacts and good experiences resulting from them. It is continuously monitoring the quality of the exchange on the basis of questionnaires submitted by students and staff, basing on visits to partner institutions, as well as the use of personal contacts of staff related to the activity of the program at the university.
In the framework of the Network called CEEPUS, Kielce University of Technology has been working closely for 20 years with universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which is effective with the major achievements in this field. Taking into account the mutual benefits of such cooperation, the university intends to continue it.
The students of Kielce University of Technology are also interested in universities in Western Europe, especially from the region of the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain and Portugal. Internationalization policy will therefore focus in the future on continuing cooperation with existing partners in these countries as well as extending its exchange offer for further Western European countries.
Kielce University of Technology plans significantly to expand its cooperation with Ukraine. Since the academic year 2014/15 the university wants to start the joint studies (double degrees) with several Ukrainian universities which have been the University partners for many years on the basis of the cooperation agreements. Kielce University of Technology plans to increase international mobility of bachelor, master and PhD students, in order to stimulate much more than before their entrepreneurship, creativity and increase their chances of the European job market. To achieve this goal, the university
has a clear, consistent and transparent system of credits, which allows to recognize the period of studies realized outside Polish borders. Additionally students who will realize at least one semester of studies abroad will receive five points to his academic achievements, which are equivalent to the opening of the PhD course. The student will also exempt from 50% of the required teaching training.
Kielce University of Technology has six students dormitories, which as a result of renovations can accept students from abroad, because their standard does not differ from the standards generally used in the European Union. Each student will find a suitable learning environment and proper rest.
International students can seek assistance of a student mentor who will help them integrate with the academic community of Kielce University of Technology. One of the effective ways to find a job after graduation is the sufficiently early participation in work placements. The Department of International Relations in consultation with the departmental coordinators of practices will help the student to choose the right company abroad to be the most consistent with the field of study and future employment opportunities.
Kielce University of Technology has a well-equipped laboratories, which will allow foreign students to gain the necessary professional experience. The university will provide support for students with disabilities by helping to organize the foreign stay and during the administrative process. Kielce University of Technology is perfectly prepared to accept foreign students with disabilities, because the buildings belonging to the university campus were adapted to the needs of people with disabilities as a result of extensive renovation process.
Kielce University of Technology plans to develop the mobility of research and teaching staff, because they are the greatest value of the institution. The quality of their work guarantees the permanent development of the university, encourages new students and enables effective collaboration with industry. The assumptions of the Erasmus+ program, allow to take care of the development of employees who can take part in all kinds of trainings outside the country. Thanks to the Erasmus+ program as well as clear criteria for qualifying, each researcher and teacher will be able to realize their career path and expand its current achievements in the field of research, teaching and publications.
Kielce University of Technology honors those experiences in the periodical evaluation of academic staff. The established international contacts will result in participation of the university in consortia required for the implementation of projects under the Horizon 2020 program. The good quality of work of the university guarantees also an adequate level of administrative staff. The Erasmus+ program also predicted the possibility of further education for them during the trainings
abroad. The staff educated at the European level will ensure the effective university management with reference to accounting, finance, procurement, logistics or human resources.
Kielce University of Technology plans to share their experiences in this field with the administrative staff of foreign universities.
The main unit of the university dedicated to coordinating activities under the Erasmus+ program is the Department of International Relations. A special section of this unit will provide all administrative and organizational support for students going abroad and arriving to study at Kielce University of Technology. The Department of International Relations staff will help to prepare an application form and will provide advice on insurance, travel, living conditions in foreign countries and etc. They will also, together with their colleagues abroad, check the residence at Kielce of students from the partner
countries. Department of International Relations will also take an activity to organize language courses that are used in the target countries.
In order to increase students’ interest in the possibilities offered by the Erasmus+ program, a series of promotional activities will be carried out such as meetings with students who have returned from abroad, intensive information campaign on websites, the engagement of student government to promote the program in individual departments, meetings of students with faculty coordinators, meetings with foreign students who are studying in Kielce, making recruitment and financing statements available.
One of the strategic objectives of Kielce University of Technology is the most extensive internationalization. One of the effective means to allow this goal is to create opportunities for education in English for the greatest possible number of degrees. The list of courses currently offered in English will be gradually expanded to be accessible for the greater number of students. In order to improve the offer, Kielce University of Technology will serve the further development of e-learning platforms such as moodle platform, to help foreign students to study in Kielce.
One of the priorities of the European Union in the years 2014-20120 is the commercialization of research. The Erasmus program has decided to meet this challenge by giving the measures and opportunities to invite representatives of foreign companies, who together with academic staff and students will develop solutions of real problems caused by modern industrial technologies.
Kielce University of Technology will create a whole system of cooperation in the field of European industry using generous support of the Erasmus program. The financial policy of 2007-2013, had helped to equip the university with the necessary laboratory equipment and to modernize and upgrade its infrastructure. Funds from the Erasmus+ program will now create the basics for cooperation between industry and education and use the existing research base as well as commercialize this research.
The benefits from the participation in the program. Thank to the participation in the program Kielce University of Technology will gain:
1) open to the new opportunities, knowing foreign languages, the self-confident and creative students,
2) mobile academic staff, getting and improving their qualifications abroad,
3) the necessary network of contacts with the universities of Europe and beyond its borders,
4) the opportunity of participation in consortia created under the Horizon 2020 program,
5) experience in the development of modern methods of teaching,
6) access to existing international teaching and e-learning platforms,
7) the opportunity to host students and researchers from abroad who will make their contribution to the
development of Kielce University of Technology,
8) know-how in the commercialization of research and their dissemination on the international area,
9) improved efficiency of the university management by training for administrative staff organized by the foreign institutions,
10) academic staff with good and very good knowledge of foreign languages,
11) influence on the development of the region by creating a platform connecting knowledge, research and economy,
12) the possibility of mutually profitable cooperation with entrepreneurs in the field of research and innovative deployments,
13) influence on the implementation of the Regional Development Strategy, and particularly on its key specializations which must be consistent with the objectives of the national strategy and the developmental guidelines of the European Union by supporting the mobility of their employees.
Thanks to the participation in the program of students from poorer backgrounds and the creation of transparent qualification system, the university will allow to even out their chances both during their studies and later in the labor market.