1st degree

  • Term I

English 1

Revision Course in Mathematics

Linear Algebra

Calculus 1




Fundamentals of Law

Information Technologies

Occupational Health and Safety

Introduction to Intellectual Property Protection

  • Term II

English 2

Calculus 2

Financial Mathematics



Economic Law

Materials science

Engineering Graphics

Fundamentals of Computer Science

History of Mathematics

History of Music

  • Term III

English 3

Differential Equations

Discrete Mathematics


Mechanics for Engineers

Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Plastics and Composites

Production Processes

Manufacturing Techniques 1

Manufacturing Techniques 2


Physical Education

Informatics-Android Programming

Informatisc-Visual Basic Programming

History of Economic Thought

History of Technology

  • Term IV

English 4


Materials Strength

Computerized Accounting


Ecology and Environmental Management


Fundamentals of Management


Intellectual Property Protection

Physical Education

Business Ethics


  • Term V

Specialist English 1

Materials Strength-Laboratory

Quality Management

Fundamentals of Recycling

Engineering Design

Production Management

Programming Languages-C

Programming Languages-Delphi

Innovations in Technology

Technology Transfer

Operational Research

  • Term VI

Specialist English II

Computer-Aided Engineering

Fundamentals of Electrical Measuring

Fundamentals of Automation

Laboratory in Fundamentals of Automation


Service Management

Costs Accounting for Engineers

Elective courses

  • Term VII

Professional traineeship

Elective courses

Elective courses

Seminar and Diploma Thesis

  • Specialisation: Computer Science for Management and Modelling

Relational Databases Design

Algorithms and Data Structures

Object-Oriented Programming in a Graphical Environment

Methods of Discrete Analysis of Constructions

Networks and Operating Systems

Internet Technologies

Computer Graphics


  • Specialisation: Production_ and Innovations Management

Modelling in Production Engineering

Technological Documentation

New Products Prototyping

Product Development in an Enterprise

Some Aspects of Materials Strength

Technological Entrepreneurship

Computer-Aided Production Management

Pro-ecological Engineering

  • Specialisation: Manufacturing Processes

Designing Plastic Forming Processes

Numerically Controlled Machine Tools

Machine Maintenance

Plastic Forming Machines

Modern Production Technologies

Numerically Controlled Machine Tools

Methods of Forming Metal Products

Welded and Heat-Sealed Constructions

Modern Technologies of Surface Engineering

  • Specialisation: Mathematical Modelling for Production

Quality Improvement of Production Processes

Computer Data Analysis

Calculation Techniques in Engineering

Modelling in Technological Issues

Collision Theory

Inverse Issues in Engineering Practice

Analysis of Dynamic Processes

  • Specialisation: Business Management

Enterprise Finance Management

Modelling in Production Engineering

Product Development in an Enterprise

Technological Entrepreneurship

Evaluation of Investment Undertakings


2nd degree

  • Term I

Strategic Management

Integrated Management Systems

Manufacturing Management Information Systems

Econometrics and Forecasting

Elements of Engineering Design

Project Management

Applied Mathematics

  • Term II

Innovation Management

Management of Organization Development

Decision support and Knowledge Management Systems

Engineering Physics

Optimization Problems

Research Methodology

  • Term III

Elective courses

Elective courses

The Specialist English

Elective courses