Institution/Erasmus Code (if any)  Kielce University of Technology PL KIELCE01 215913-EPP-1-2014-1-PL-EPPKA3-ECHE
Address Al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7, 25-314 Kielce, POLAND
Website  Polish version:

English version:

International Office/Administrative contact persons (E-mail and phone no.) Ewa Włodarczyk- Erasmus Institutional Coordinator Department of International Relations E-mail:, Tel: +48 41 34 24 789

Michalina Mikołajczyk – administrative support Department of International Relations E-mail: Tel.: +48 41 34 24 789;

Anna Kasztelewicz – administrative support Department of International Relations E-mail:
Tel.: +48 41 34 24 773, Fax: +48 41 34 24 726

Academic Coordinators  Departmental Coordinator, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture: Adam Kłak E-mail:, tel: +48 41 34 24 697

Departmental Coordinator, Faculty of Environmental, Geomatic and Energy Engineering: Agata Ludynia E-mail:, tel: +48 41 34 24 562

Departmental Coordinator, Faculty of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering: Krzysztof Stępień E-mail:, tel: +48 41 34 24 477

Departmental Coordinator, Faculty of Management and Computer Modelling: Joanna Radowicz E-mail:, tel: +48 41 34 24 657

Departmental Coordinator, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control and Computer Science: Dorota Wiraszka E-mail:, tel: +48 41 34 24 141

Website for Incoming Students
Courses offered in English
Courses offered in Polish See the polish version of the website:
Language(s) of Instruction Polish, English
Academic calendar Available from June on:
Application Forms & Deadlines Application form on: 2/incoming-students/ Deadlines: for winter semester – 30.06.; for summer semester – 31.12
Accomodation – Shared flats with other student (400 PLN/~100 EUR/month) The official polish currency is zloty (PLN) Actual exchange rates on:
(web. Address, contact person, e-mail and phone no.)  Contact Persons: Michalina Mikołajczyk and Departmental Coordinators Remaining information on:
Application Procedure Two documents must be prepared: Application Form and Learning agreement (two copies) – see the website:
Living Expenses  Approximate living costs (without accommodation): 1000-1400 PLN (250 – 350 EUR).
Health Insurance Students from EU countries must apply for European Health Insurance Card at their country of origin, which will entitle them to medical care within the Polish Social Security system. More information on the National Health Fund website:
Arrival/Orientation Programme It is highly recommended that the students arrive before the beginning of the semester.