Erasmus-Technische Hochschule Deggendorf

Technische Hochschule Deggendorf is visited every year by about 300 international students from dozens of countries around the world. Kielce University of Technology is also among the partners of the THD. Within the framework of the Erasmus program, Mrs. Aleksandra Borowiecka – a student of the Faculty of Management and Computer Modelling of the Kielce University of Technology is studying there now. Usually, twice per semester (this semester, the event took place three times), students from around the world meet in Erzählcafé, where they are talking about similarities and differences in their countries. They can listen to lectures, discuss interesting problems, taste dishes prepared by students from different countries or play games typical for each country. Mrs. Aleksandra Borowiecka had the pleasure to participate in one of these events on May 13, 2014, where she was promoting our University and region. We invite you to watch a short reportage shooting, where you can see some of the games played in Mexico.

Photos by Aleksandra Borowiecka